My Mad Methods Magazine - April/May 2013
My Mad Methods Magazine - June/July 2013
My Mad Methods Magazine - June/July 2013
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The Woman of Unconventional Fitness Issue

Get ready for the first-ever Women of Unconventional Training edition of My Mad Methods Magazine. This special release features some of the top female unconventional trainers in the world, including Lauren Brooks (featured on the cover), Donica Storino, Yoana Teran, Kat Ljubicic, Angie Pye, and much more. Their unique take on unconventional fitness, motivation, and transformation embody the essence of the latest evolution in fitness.


Contributors for this edition include Lauren Brooks (featured on the cover), Lisa Balash, Donica Storino, Carolyn Alexander, Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, Clarissa Vizcaino, Yoana Teran, Ashley Paulson, Andralyn Zayn, Roni Tennant, Kat Ljubicic, Angie Hay, Gina DiIorio-Chappie, and Patricia Alvarez Tibbits.

My Mad Methods Magazine Article Titles:

  • An Unconventional Combination: Kettlebell Sport & Pilates by Lisa Balash
  • Bell Bitch: Embody Unconventional Training, Embolden Transformation by Donica Storino
  • Kick, Streeeetch & Flip Tires: Unconventional Workouts for Motivation by Carolyn Alexander
  • Shut Up & Train: 13 Ways to Eradicate Excuses by Lauren Brooks
  • Handstand Training: It's Time to Power Up Your Olympic Lifting by Sara-Clare Lajeunesse
  • Fighting for Inspiration: Using Kickboxing Techniques for All Fitness Levels by Clarissa Vizcaino
  • Change the Plane, Change the Game: Fitwall for Athletic Performance by Yoana Teran
  • Ready to Compete? Training Tips from an Endurance Athlete by Ashley Paulson
  • Circus Stretches: Your Key to Real Strength? by Andralyn Zayn
  • Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Holistic Nutrition & Healing by Roni Tennant
  • Never Stop Lifting: How to Manage Injury While Maintaining Your Regimen by Kat Ljubicic
  • Constantly Varied Functional Movements: Crossfit Explained by Angie Hay
  • Training for Rugby: More Sweat in Training, Less Blood in Battle by Gina DiIorio-Chappie
  • Another Workout Evolution: Discovering Kettlebells by Patricia Alvarez Tibbits

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